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Cupcakes, and Cakes at Home

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  • The pricing below is a base or general guide for basic designs.

  • Final cookie and cupcake prices vary depending on size, details, complexity of design, lettering style; and if gold and silver coloring is desired.

  • Prices are subject to change at any time.



2”-2.5” Cookies With Limited Designs: Start at $30 per Dozen ($2.50 Each Cookie)

3” Cookies: Start at $36 per Dozen ($3.00 Each Cookie)

3.5”-4” Cookies: Start at $48 per Dozen ($4.00 Each Cookie)

4.5” Cookies: Start at $60 per Dozen ($5 Each Cookie)

Cookies Larger Than 5”: Start at $60 per Dozen ($5 Each Cookie)

    *Cookie pricing includes flooding, minimal piping, and no lettering.

*Each cookie is individually bagged. This help maintain  freshness.


Regular Size (Vanilla or Chocolate): $25 per Dozen

Jumbo Cupcakes (Vanilla or Chocolate): $35 per Dozen

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Deposits and Payments

  • Orders are not considered placed nor confirmed until a 50% nonrefundable deposit is received. This also applies to orders placed months in advance.
  • The balance on every order is due upon the date of pickup or delivery.
  • All orders of $100 or more require full payment up front. 
  • Payments may be made through check, cash, or PayPal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you ship your products?

     Sadly, no I do not ship my products. Per Texas Law, Legal Home Bakeries in Texas are not allowed to ship their products. 


2. Do you make or use designs with Licensed Characters? 

    I do not make any designs that hold a Copyright; such as TV Shows or movie characters, etc. That is copyright infringement.

3. Is there a minimum for orders?

    Yes, a minimum is required. See below.

  • Cookies Minimum - 2 dozen (minimum of $60)
  • Cupcakes Minimum - 1 dozen Regular or Jumbo (minimum of $30)
  • Holiday Minimum (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) - 1 dozen Cookies , 1 dozen Cupcakes

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Myrna Barber

Butter Sugar Bake, LLC

Richmond, Texas